What is Habba?

About Habba


'Habba' in Kannada means festival.

Habba - the initiative is an attempt to provide fair profits to artisans across India. Designed ground up to ensure that artisans are no longer deprived of their livelihood, Habba is more than just an e-commerce platform. Our Honest Pricing of any product gives you a complete breakdown of the pricing of the product so that you know exactly how much of it goes to the artisan.

That's just one of the things that's different about us. When you shop on Habba, you will discover that everything we do is aimed at making our artisans community get a fair income and profits. We dream of a day when our artisans will celebrate festivals with the same fervour as me and you do. Read more about the genesis of Habba here.

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#29/3 & 32/2 Raj Alkaa Park,
Kalena Agrahara,
Bannerghatta Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka , 560076


+91 80 6940 0202