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Tribal Dokra Wire Earrings


+ Shipping fee starting 50

  Income for artisan: 99.00   |      Days of employment: 0.2







99.00 | Income for artisan/s

₹ 99.00 profit for artisan collective

72.00 | Raw Materials

Brass, Wax and Clay

18.00 | Impact partner

Training, design, Admin cost and support services for Artisan(s)

57.00 | Fulfillment

Packaging, payment gateway and holding inventory

38.00 | Rang De Habba platform

Online marketplace, product photography, staff and customer support

51.00 | GST

+ Shipping fee starting 50


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  • Material : Brass
  • Dimensions : 2.0" (In Inches)

Care and Description


Traditional meets contemporary in this unique piece of jewelry. Delicate threads of brass are woven into the spiral 8-shaped design. The beauty of these earrings is in the fact that they are handmade, which means no two pairs are alike.


1. Thoroughly wipe each piece of Jewellery with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you remove it. 2. Store your fashion Jewellery in a Jewellery box

Meet the community partner

Darbar Sahitya Sansad (DSS)

Darbar Sahitya Sansad (DSS) is a society formed in 1982 - a people's court for social justice, on a platform of young and literary people. DSS works in 146 villages across 3 districts of Odisha, primarily focusing on livelihood generation and disaster management.The programmes like micro financing, SHG promotion, entrepreneurship development, training and capacity building, disaster relief, rehabilitation, disaster preparedness, weather education at school, promoting agro based women cooperatives, dairy cooperatives, handicraft cooperatives etc have been taken up in recent past.