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Soft Toy Camel Set of 3


+ Shipping fee starting 50

  Income for artisan: 136.00   |      Days of employment: 0.5







136.00 | Income for artisan/s

₹ 136.00 Income for artisan collective

105.00 | Raw Materials


75.00 | Impact partner

Training, design, Admin cost and support services for Artisan(s)

34.00 | Fulfillment

Packaging, payment gateway and holding inventory

64.00 | Rang De Habba platform

Online marketplace, product photography, staff and customer support

21.00 | GST

+ Shipping fee starting 50


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  • Material : Cloth
  • Dimensions : 6" X 4"

Care and Description


Camel from the desert, handmade by artisans in Sathnur.. It has cotton filling and is adored with handblock prints. This comes with a small pull string which can be used to hang the soft toy. The adorable and colourful toy is sure to bring a smile on your little one.


Wash with mild detergent.

Meet the community partner

Hosa Belaku

"Hosa Belaku" literally translates to New Dawn. The organisation, based in Bangalore, is working in the village of Sathnur to support livelihood through handicrafts. Helping women and persons with disabilities in distress have access to decent livelihood opportunities working from their home locations without having to migrate/travel long distances. Employment opportunities, especially for women in the area, are scarce. Therefore Hosa Belaku with its crafts initiative aims to provide them with a sustainable income. Currently, they are working on improving living standards through enhanced livelihoods using handmade products, supporting around 30 women across 3 clusters. One is working with soft toys, the second is the tailoring and block-printing unit and the third is the paper recycling unit.