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Petalists Natural Holi Colors: 5 color combo

Petalists Natural Holi Colors: 5 color combo


+ Shipping fee starting 50

  Income for artisan: 135.00   |      Days of employment: 0.5







135.00 | Income for artisan/s

₹ 135.00 Income for artisan collective

63.00 | Raw Materials

Dried Flowers and Non-Toxic Ingredients

40.00 | Impact partner

Training, design, Admin cost and support services for Artisan(s)

54.00 | Fulfillment

Packaging, payment gateway and holding inventory

89.00 | Rang De Habba platform

Online marketplace, product photography, staff and customer support

69.00 | GST

+ Shipping fee starting 50

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  • Material : Dried flowers and non-toxic ingredients

Care and Description


Our eco-friendly Holi colors are made from recycling temple flowers by mixing with other non-toxic ingredients. The colors are made by persons with intellectual disabilities as a livelihood initiative. The flowers used to make the colors give them a natural and mild fragrance and also a unique soft texture. These are dry colors that are very easy to clean. Our safe and skin-friendly colors are suitable for children of all ages. This is a five-color combo of total weight 500gms.


To be used as Dry colors only

Meet the community partner


Craftizen Foundation was founded in 2014 with a vision to preserve and evolve Indian craft skills so that they remain an integral part of our cultural fabric. They have facilitated setting up of 17 craft livelihood centers across Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata to ensure sustained income generation for marginalized communities including persons with intellectual disability, women rehabilitated from trafficking and domestic abuse; unskilled urban, rural and tribal women. To date, their work has impacted over 1,700 beneficiaries. They also work with several traditional artisans across the country whom they support with contemporary design and marketing. Craftizen works across the crafts value chain on a wide and diverse range of skills including banjara and Aari embroidery, tailoring, painting on multiple mediums; a range of upcycled products from discards such as used flowers, single-use plastics,newspapers, flex banners, silk threads and fabric waste; hand block and screen printing, kantha stitch, jewellery from bena grass with natural seeds and beads.