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Handmade Bamboo Coasters


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  Income for artisan: 126.00   |      Days of employment: 0.8







126.00 | Income for artisan/s

₹ 126.00 Income for artisan collective

28.00 | Raw Materials

Sitalpati Mat, Bamboo Ply and Colour

146.00 | Impact partner

Training, design, Admin cost and Support services for Artisan(s)

95.00 | Fulfillment

Packaging, Payment gateway and Holding inventory

65.00 | Rang De Habba platform

Online marketplace, Product photography, Staff and Customer support

55.00 | GST

+ Shipping fee starting 50


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  • Material : Sitalpati Mat and Bamboo Ply
  • Dimensions : 4"

Care and Description


A set of 6 coasters handmade by artisans in West Bengal. They are square in shape and comes with a holder bamboo box. The outer lining is in wood and decorated with a handwoven grass. Coloured in a classy wooden brown.


Handle with Care. Keep it dry.

Meet the community partner

Kadam Haat

Kadam Haat is a Society, registered under West Bengal Societies Act. Working in the remote areas of Odisha and West Bengal, Kadam aims at tackling the problems of uneducated youth migration to urban cities due to unavailability of employment opportunities in the villages. To tackle this at the grassroot level, Kadam Haat is working towards viable employment opportunities at the village level for the youth and women, besides creating good education systems for children. The employment opportunities are created with the help of volunteers and professionals who are creating small/medium enterprises leading to greater utilisation of local resources and teaching skilled artisan's basic professionalism - concept of quality and commitment - an essential requirement to sustain themselves economically well.