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Habba Gift Cards: Share some ‘handcrafted’ love!

Every product on is an artisan's 'labour of love'! And with Habba Gift Card, you can share it with someone special in a few simple clicks. What's more? You also give them the freedom to select their own gift from our curated range of handmade clothes, accessories, decor and more. You'll never have to worry about choosing the 'right gift' anymore!

Are you the lucky one?

Here's how to redeem your Gift Card!

Enter your Gift Card code below to add it to your account. Go on and choose your favourite product/s on On check-out, your Gift Card value will be automatically deducted from the billing. Happy shopping!

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The Gift Card is non-transferable

Once redeemed, the Gift Card purchase amount cannot be refunded

Gift Card value cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card

Gift Card must be redeemed within the validity period

The Gift Card will expire if not redeemed within 90 days

No fees or charges of any kind are associated with the Gift Card purchase

If purchase exceeds the Gift Card value, the balance must be paid by the redeemer using available payment options