Mould & Sculpt


Mould & Sculpt is a celebration of that perfect balance between flow and precision. This hamper contains an expertly curated collection of products from one or more of the following art forms - Terracotta, Stone Carving, Marble Lattice Work and Carving, and Marble Inlay. With clay and stone as the base elements, the masterpieces in this hamper are brought into shape and form by artisan communities in Jharkhand, supported by the community organisations Kalamandir, Al Maun, and Crafts Council of India.

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  Income for artisan: 50       |          Days of employment: 0.1







50 | Income for Artisan

Income and profit for artisan

20 | Raw Materials

Raw materials and procurement

10 | Impact Partner

Training, design, admin and support services for artisans

10 | Fulfilment

Payment gateway, packaging and shipping

10 | Habba Platform

Online portal, program management and support

29.00 | Skilled Human Effort

online marketplace, program management and support

29.00 | GST

Goods and services tax

Hand Made