The Harsh Reality

The pandemic has badly affected the livelihoods of artisans and weavers. With no orders for over 5 months and unsold inventory, they are now turning to manual labour to eke out a living. Demand for handmade and hand woven has shrunk to a minimal. Dwindling export orders and a drastic decline in tourism has left our artisans and weavers in dire straits.

Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is to bring back the demand for handmade in India. With the upcoming festive season, we invite you to celebrate your Diwali, Eid and Christmas by buying handmade in India. Your decision to buy handmade in India will help several families of artisans and weavers to earn their livelihood while continuing their craft.

Habba's Unique

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Honestly Handmade

All products on Habba are at least 60% handmade. Our Hand Over Heart seal certifies the exact percentage for each product.

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Honest Pricing

We follow a simple policy of transparent pricing. The income for the artisan is disclosed for every product listed on Habba.

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Buy Handmade

Treat yourself to beautiful handmade hampers, while supporting artisans.

Gift Handmade

Support artisans while you spread smiles to friends and family.

Volunteer with us

Bring this movement to life by joining our volunteer team.

Awards and Accolades


India's Best Design Project Award
September 2018


YourStory Tech 30 Recognition
November 2015


Facebook India Innovation Challenge
Award October 2015

Frequently asked

What kind of products will be available?

Our objective is to enable our artisan communities to access a market for their massive unsold inventory. Hence for the next few months, we will be exclusively selling beautifully curated gift hampers of handmade products, and not individual products themselves. These hampers will celebrate India’s diverse and beautiful art forms.

Where are you sourcing the gift hampers from?

We work directly with the artisans, weavers and craftspersons communities through credible organizations working at the grassroots. They ensure that you get authentic handmade products and artisans receive their financial and non-financial entitlements with dignity.

When will the store be open?

The store will be open by the 1st of November. Also, we will be running a massive campaign in partnership with NDTV to shed light on the challenges our artisans are battling, and how we as citizens can make choices that protect both their livelihoods and our rich legacy of art and culture.