What is Habba?

About Habba


'Habba' in kannada language means festival. We decided on the name "Habba" after a lot of thought. Today a majority of highly skilled artisans across the country live in such abject poverty that they are never able to celebrate festivals like most of us do. They buy second hand clothes or end up wearing donated clothes. At Habba, we hope to realise our vision of making each day in an artisan's life a "Habba".

Habba - the initiative is an attempt to provide fair profits to artisans across India. Designed ground up to ensure that artisans are no longer deprived of their livelihood, Habba is more than just an e-commerce platform. Our Honest Pricing of any product gives you a complete breakdown of the pricing of the product so that you know exactly how much of it goes to the artisan.

That's just one of the things that's different about us. When you shop on Habba, you will discover that everything we do is aimed at making our artisans community get a fair income and profits. We dream of a day when our artisans will celebrate festivals with the same fervour as me and you do. Read more about the genesis of Habba here.


Social Alpha

Social Alpha a brand of Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE) is promoted by Tata Trusts and plays a critical role in promoting social businesses with a revenue model that creates social value. The first-of its-kind initiative in India, and perhaps the world, in terms of thought, philosophy and process, will focus on social enterprises in the areas of livelihoods, education, health, water and shared services

Our Board Members

Ramakrishna NK

Smita Satish

Meet Our Team

Ramakrishna NK

Sunil D'Monte

Aseem Khan

Balaka Deka

Hari Vignesh J

Ramya N

Shyamli Choudhary

Sujata Borthakur

Trishna Sarma


When we began to discover the need to launch 'Habba' we also began to realise we had many friends who thought like us and understood the problem the way they did. We were fortunate to have support from individual donors, CSR contributions that helped us launch the beta version of Habba.
We continue to seek support to ensure that Habba is able to reach out to many more artisans.
If you are an individual or a corporate who wants to support us, please get in touch with [email protected]

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Rang De Habba Fair Price Market Place Foundation
#09 Ground Floor, A Katha No: 183,
Kothnoor Village, Uttarahalli Hobli,
Bannerghatta Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076